Dr. Tracey Henley has been providing comprehensive psychological, forensic, and neuropsychological assessments in Polk County since 2000.


Dr. Tracey Henley is the Chief Neuropsychologist, Board Certified Forensic Psychologist and C.E.O. of Psychological and Neurobehavioral Services, P.A. Dr. Henley has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, Master's Degree from Nova Southeastern University, and a Doctorate Degree in Psychology with concentration in Neuropsychology from Miami Institute of Psychology. Dr. Henley completed her clinical internship at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center with rotations in Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology and Behavioral Medicine. Dr. Henley also completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Neuropsychology. Dr. Henley specializes in providing assessments to a diverse patient population including children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics presenting with psychological, neuropsychological, and medical conditions. Dr. Henley has specialty training in Forensic Psychology and provides evaluations involving adult and juvenile criminal and civil cases. Dr. Henley provides court ordered and expert advisor services to Federal, Circuit and County Judges and Attorneys. Dr. Henley has provided expert testimony and consultation services in Federal and Circuit Court, Criminal, Civil and Family Divisions. In addition to providing clinical services, Dr. Henley supervises doctoral practicum students, interns, and postdoctoral residents. 


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